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Red is one of Crobidoll's M-Line ball-jointed dolls. He was designed with an action hero theme, to appeal to a specific demographic. The idea didn't go over well with the fans, so Red was the only doll created, and he was given away via a lottery, which Eri won. Red is one of the dolls brought to life, and is one of the romanceable options in the game.


Red has somewhat messy, red hair and red eyes. He wears the boys school uniform.


Red is a very eccentric person, and thinks that he is a warrior of justice, destined to save the world and protect Eri. Red believes in this because without this belief, he feels worthless and as if there is no point to him. Without this belief, he feels as if he has no identity.



Eri is Red's owner. Red cares a lot for Eri and wants to protect her. In his route, when she is targeted by his fans he blames himself. Red calls Eri 'heroine'.


Lance is another of Eri's dolls. Lance and Red don't get along, because they have different ideals and Lance tends to mock what Red believes in.


Tei is another of Eri's dolls. Red calls Tei the 'commander'.


Yeonho is another of Eri's dolls. Red calls Yeonho 'yellow'.


Yuri is another of Eri's dolls.


  • Red's favourite food is chocolate.
  • Red is afraid of ghosts, because he doesn't like things that he can't touch.