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Soi is one of Eri's best friends.


Soi is described as being very beautiful. She has long, curly, blonde hair, accompanied by a light blue bow. Her eyes match the colour of her hair. She is slightly above average height, and to school she is seen wearing the girls school uniform.


Soi is a very loud and outgoing individual, not afraid to speak her mind (Unfortunately, leading to some awkward situations). She is very passionate, especially when it comes to cute guys.



Eri is one of Soi's best friends.


Shinbi is Soi's childhood friend, as well as one her closest friends. She grew up with Shinbi, and now lives with her.


  • Soi is the class president.
  • Soi was actually offered a modeling job like Shinbi, but refused. Eri questioned her about this, thinking that someone like Soi would've loved to be able to meet/feast her eyes on some male models. Her reasoning was that she wasn't satisfied with just looking, she'd rather be a designer who could touch the model's all she wanted.